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Messing about with Jupyter, Rise and Reveal.js

Next week I will be teaching a maths refresher course for the masters degree I completed two years ago. Many students become frustrated in the first semester because they are not fluent in maths. They cannot enjoy economic theory without the necessary maths skills. My job is to teach the necessities.

I am excited by the opportunity, but I feel torn. I would like to spend every working minute on my research projects. Fortunately, I found a compromise. I am using Jupyter to write my maths slides—the same program I use for my research. Jupyter is built for data-science, but it has a cell structure that lends itself to slides. A clever person wrote a Jupyter add-on called Rise that converts Jupyter notebooks into Reveal.js slides.

Jupyter notebooks accepts Latex math and html. Notes are written in the elegantly simple Markdown. Today I did something cool. (At least I think so.) I used the unicode character of a sheep (why not?) to create a link to the exact page in the textbook pdf containing the exercise solutions. This will save me a bunch of time. Writing out solutions in LaTeX is not fun.

This is just the beginning. I will be doing lots more cool stuff with Jupyter, Rise and reveal.js. More news next week.