Matthew Olckers

Postdoctoral Fellow in Network Economics, Monash University

I recently completed my PhD at the Paris School of Economics, under the supervision of Francis Bloch and Margherita Comola. I am now working as a research fellow at Monash University with Arthur Campbell and Yves Zenou.

My research interests include social networks, development economics and household finance. I am particularly interested in the intersection of economics and computer science, such as using mechanism design in practical applications or using alternative data sources to answer questions about poverty and development.

I lead the Asia-Pacific working group on Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG) and I am an affiliate of SoDa Labs.

Outside of my research, I love surfing, helping out at church, travelling with my wife, and seeing graffiti on trains. I compiled a book about graffiti in Cape Town, South Africa, which subsequently evolved into a documentary.


Nov 4, 2020 New working paper—Gamblers Learn from Experience—about sports betting in Kenya.
Sep 6, 2020 I will be presenting at ASSA 2021 in a session titled “Information in Social Networks”, organized by Lori Beaman.
May 7, 2020 Friend-Based Ranking” was accepted for publication at AEJ: Microeconomics. So happy!
Jan 15, 2020 Elvire Guillaud, Michael Zemmour and I have made a dedicated website,, to share our data on taxes, transfers and inequality.
Nov 22, 2019 Upcoming presentations at the ANZWEE conference, at Monash’s applied seminar, at UNSW’s empirical micro seminar and at the Monash CDES RCT Conference.