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This collection of links serves as my bookmarks. I hope you find something useful.

Online learning

David Venturi has compiled reviews of online courses related to data science.



Kevin Sheppard has a great book, Python for Econometrics.

Quantitative Economics by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski.

And John Stachurski’s book, A Primer in Econometric Theory.


Quick guide

Find a specific Latex symbol by drawing it

Comprehensive Symbol List

R and Stata

Comparison R and Stata commands by Oscar Torres-Reyna at Princeton.

A very useful collection of links to learn R


Awesome guide on setting up a Jekyll blog with Github Pages.


Tool for meeting with students.

Awesome visualisations of the main concepts in statistics

Spurious Correlations to motivate careful econometrics.

PhD in Economics

[Chris Blattman] has a very comprehensive guide to graduate school applications.

It may be a good idea to be a research assistant before applying. Check out NBER’s job board.

Masayuki Kudamatsu has a great collection of links.

Michèle Tertilt provides advice for PhD students.

AEA’s Resources for Economists.